Income Tax Services

Preparing for Income Taxes is not a period of being in business for a few months.A good tax practitioner (or, as Jim Hill is, a Registered Tax Return Preparer or RTRP) not only prepares tax returns for clients, but prepares him- or her-self throughout the year by taking courses and reading about changes in the tax laws.

Birch Hill Bookkeeping & Consulting has prepared income taxes for individuals, partnerships, LLCs and Corporations for many years (30 or more, in some cases).  We have clients who have been with us for most of those 30 years, as well as some clients who have just recently used our services for the first time.

In any case, how to prepare a tax return isn’t something that can be learned in a 4 to 6 week course. It takes years of experience to know some of the ins and outs of what is truly deductible, or what is earned income, or how to prepare certain special forms to go with an income tax return.

And, we’ll be honest. We don’t know everything!  That’s why we continue to educate ourselves by attending IRS seminars and taking courses online to gain further knowledge of the skill of preparing income tax returns.

Finally, Birch Hill Bookkeeping & Consulting is open year-round. We don’t fold our tent after April 15th (or so) each year. We maintain records of previous year’s  returns (when we prepare them) and can refer to those prior years’ returns when preparing the current year’s tax returns.

Contact Birch Hill Bookkeeping & Consulting for your income tax return preparation by sending us a request via email.